Au Reservoir

Mapp & Lucia #3 Au Reservoir is the third instalment in the quirky and charming series featuring Lucia and her eternal rival Mapp - and what are they up to next? The War has wrought great changes, and Lucia struggles to come to terms with rationing, exchange controls and, worst of all, a Labour Government.... Continue Reading →

Lucia on Holiday

Mapp & Lucia #2 Lucia on Holiday is the second novel in a new series featuring arch-snob Emmeline Lucas, better known as Lucia, and her eternal rival Mapp - Elizabeth Mapp-Flint She's back! When arch-snob Emmeline Lucas (known universally as Lucia) makes some money on the stock market, the wheels are set in motion for... Continue Reading →

Major Benjy

Mapp & Lucia #1 Major Benji is the first novel in the Mapp and Lucia series with romantic entanglements in the TiTilling society - will Mapp finally find her husband?  Retired soldier Major Benjamin Flint is in search of a new servant, while would-be queen of Tilling Miss Elizabeth Mapp remains steadfastly determined to acquire... Continue Reading →

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